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Vancouver-born actress, director and screenwriter Melissa Jean Woodside is currently based in London, UK where she has resided for ten years. She is one of the Directors of Sublime Universal Limited.

Melissa previously starred in, directed and wrote the award-winning Green Sweater Guy (2015) and When He's Gone (2015) and won awards for Cut the Cake at Toronto International Film Festival.

Podsnappery, a proof of concept short film was written and directed by Melissa. She plays Gwendolyn, the love interest in the film, which also features Harry Potter star, Jon Campling (Death Eater) and an all-British cast. This period costume farce was shot in West London and the stunningly picturesque Bath, in Somerset.

After acting in A Christmas Carol at the Charles Dickens Museum, in London, and later having read Dickens' body of work, Melissa was inspired to write Podsnappery. Melissa received support for this project from both the Charles Dickens Museum and the Bath Film Commission.

Melissa is heavily involved with independent filmmakers and artists in New York and London.

Melissa loves surfing, the environment, and reading Russian Literature.

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